New Training starting in 2018


“Movement is life and without movement life is unthinkable.” 

Smart Moves® One Year Intensive Training based on the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais in Honolulu

with certification in Smart Moves®

with Eva Geueke


Smart Moves® Intensive based on the work of Dr.Moshe Feldenkrais

“Movement is life and without movement life is unthinkable.”

– Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais


First time on Oahu:

This is an amazing opportunity to train in Smart Moves® which is based on the work of Dr. Feldenkrais, in Honolulu, with qualified teachers!


Smart Moves®  

one-year Intensive

for Professionals  

 (Level One*)

with Eva Geueke 

and with guest Feldenkrais trainer Jerry Karzen.

Jerry will present a few week-end workshops in the Feldenkrais Method® which will also highlight many of the principals of the work of Dr Feldenkrais which forms the foundation of the Smart Moves® curriculum.


January 2017 - October 2017   Level 1    180 hours

Immersion into Smart Moves® will establish the foundations of the Dr M. Feldenkrais's work as students develop attention to and awareness of themselves in movement. They will also develop their observational skills vis-à-vis others. Students will  come to understand the rudiments of rest, stability, ground, basic directions, orientation, self-image, imagination, rhythm, patterns, variation, “neutrality,” and their relevance to movement and learning. Principles of minimizing effort and of reversibility will be emphasized.

From the beginning, it will be underscored that Smart Moves® consists of both Smart Moves Integration® (– the hands on method) SMI and Smart Moves Lessons® SML , and that learning may be facilitated through verbal and/or hands-on guidance. Students will learn to touch in such a manner that touch becomes a safe, subtle, and clear means of communication, guiding the receiver to change from the inside out. This Intensive will be geared to work with children but also applies to all cliental!

* there will be a 2nd level following this training. This module is complete into itself with certification.



  • January 13-16
  • February 17-19 
  • March 16-19 with guest teacher and trainer Jerry Karzen 
  • April 27-30
  • Mai 18-21

 no class in June and July

  • August 17-19
  • August 27&29
  • September 14-17
  • October 06.-09.

class times: Thu 6-8.30pm; Fr 5.00-9.00pm;

Sa 12.30-7.00pm; Sun 11am-6pm; Mo 6-8.30pm (subject to slight changes)

there will be in September a make up course for those who have to miss a segment or enter late.


Learning Strategies

25 Awareness through Movement ATM® hours– will be required throughout the training outside of the training not included in price 

 3 Functional Integration lessons FI® will be given through out the year of training (value $330) included in price.

Smart Moves Integration® Hands-on practice will be introduced from the beginning of the program. Trainees will become aware of issues of quality and clarity of touch, pressure and movement, not only as they touch and are touched by their peers, but also through verbal and non-verbal guidance from the trainer. 


Over the course of the training, the process for giving and shaping a Smart Moves Integration will be expanded, as trainees learn how particular movements and variations familiar through SML®

(Smart Moves Lessons) allow for the development of themes, how particular strategies and principles from SML® translate into hands on Practice, and how the use of the self, learned in part through ATM®/ SML® and receiving Hands on FI®, is relevant to giving Smart-Moves-Integration individual lessons with special emphasis on children but relevant for all ages.


Trainings contents (Level one): 

 •   The first movements of life (sucking series, eye movements)

 •   The use of the flexors, then extensors

 •   The use of the eyes in orientation and in directing movement

 •   Transition between different positions

 •   The importance of head and neck control for ease of movement and tonus of the body

 •   Tonic reflexes of eyes, head and neck

 •   Connection of head and eyes for swift and smooth movement

 •   Early movements, use of constraints to move different parts of self

 •   Differentiation as the basis of learning

 •   The pelvis as the power center of the body

 •   Integrating the arms with the core of the body

 •   Head and neck mobility

 •   Connecting head and pelvis in using developmental patterns and big movements

 •   Sound and voice

 •   Integrating arms and legs

 •   Mobility of hip joints

 •   Integrating mobility and control of arm movement in larger, whole body movements

All lessons, lectures, demonstrations and discussions are recorded on mp3 and made available to students. These recordings provide an invaluable means of study and reference during out-of-class periods.


Application and Registration:

Applications with short letter of recommendation and professional education and experience send per email to

Costs: In total $2.700 payable in three installments.

First installment of $1.000 due January 5th, second installment of $1200 due April 1st, third installment of $500 due Mai 15th.

Payment options:

- Paypal:

- Credit card  

- Check: Checks can be made out to Ewahine LLC


There will be a certification process for Smart Moves® in the August segment of the one year course that will consist of a demonstration of each trainee in a life session with a child or grown up.


Contact:  Ewahine/ Eva Geueke or (808)344-0925