🇺🇸 'Movement is Life':

The Feldenkrais Method® and SmartMoves® online!


🇩🇪 'Bewegung ist Leben':

Die Feldenkrais Methode® & SmartMoves! Bitte klicken sie im Menu auf die deutschen Seiten, für mein deutsches Programm.   

THE FELDENKRAIS METHOD® created by Dr. Moshé Feldenkrais (1904–1984) aims to reduce pain or limitations in movement and to improve function in all areas of one's life.  By increasing student's self-awareness, smart movement choices can be found, leading to more movement repertoire, quality, and healing. The method can be adapted for all ages, from babies to the elderly, from people with acute pain to athletes, musicians, and dancers who want to perform better and prevent injuries.

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