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Walking with Elegance & Alignment: a Feldenkrais® Workshop 

– LIVE ONLINE, Interactive with Eva Alewa Geueke & SmartMoves


September 27 @ 10:00 am - 1:00 pm


Aloha Kakou,

Aloha to you (all),

I discovered Duolingo to learn the basis of Hawaiian. Even though I have been living on Oahu and before on Maui for many years, studying Hula and Oli, I can only always recognize words. I listen with joy to Hawaiian songs on the radio, and I have gotten better in catching words. But I had no clue about grammar and how to put a sentence together. But then I discovered Hawaiian on Duolingo, which makes it fun to learn.
Learning is fantastic, and our brain is made to learn. 

Learning is what I keep enjoying about SmartMoves/Feldenkrais, apart of feeling good, balamced and organized in body and mind after a typical Feldenkrais lesson.
Awareness through Movement/ Feldenkrais and SmartMoves is about learning and expanding your infinite possibilities through conscious movement. Dr. Feldenkrais said, ‘everyone has the potential to be a genius, which is our human birthright, but few people are taking the time to develop their genius. To do that, we have to be able to look at or better sense our limitations without judgement and then find a way to overcome them. 
 One response to limitation is to pretend it is not there: f. ex. when people have a place in a shoulder movement where the shoulder hurts or gets stuck. Instead of paying attention, slowing down and looking at what inhibits the shoulder, they quickly pass that point and try to ignore it. Years, this can continue, and suddenly there is so much pain that one cannot ignore it anymore. The shoulder becomes frozen or has painful arthritis. The body seems to be smarter than the one driving it. Self-preservation kicks in and tries to stop the abuse through inflammation. But in that place where the shoulder seemingly gets stuck lies a chance for reform and change and the genius to emerge. 
One of these turning points for Dr. Feldenkrais was when his knee injury became so bad, he could not walk anymore without crutches. He decided he had to take his fate into his own hands as doctors gave him little hope. He had to find a way on his own to restore his functioning. He got up at 4 am, laid on the floor, and started to develop these movement sequences that made him aware where he was unbalanced, inefficient, or even hurting himself. To do this he had to increase his awareness of himself. He had to reteach how to reconnect, heal, and get the brain to lay new neural connections and restore the brain’s image and his self-image to a pain-free efficient movement in the body and in life. While learning and improving his condition, he created his new work helped many thousands of people around the globe to improve their lives. The Feldenkrais work certainly improved my life, it helped me heal many injuries from my professional dancer’s career and martial arts, to becoming a better dancer, as well as learning self-reliance and self-trust and much more.


Here is my next upcoming workshop,

Aloha, Eva Alewa:



 – LIVE ONLINE, Interactive w/Eva Alewa Geueke & SmartMoves

Walking with Elegance & Alignment: a Feldenkrais® Workshop 

September 27 @ 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Learn to walk with ease, realign your posture and increase your overall health. Good posture comes not from muscular effort but from the optimal use of the skeleton. Good posture makes you look and feel healthy, poised and potent. The Maasai tribe in Africa is known for its elegant, long, erect posture. They can walk for many miles without tiring, keeping their ease and bounce. The beauty of their posture is its ease, without taking their shoulders back or tucking their tummies in. Their uprightness comes from a clear inner skeletal alignment where muscles are free to move without holding unnecessary tension. We will learn this practice with the Feldenkrais®/Smart Moves techniques.

Posture often is misunderstood and is artificially forced and unbalanced. People do the best they know how,  but have often a wrong notion. The resulting poor posture can adversely affect eyesight, thinking, mood, bones, joints and ligaments and the optimal functioning of organs. A healthy, functioning spine promotes whole body wellness, with accompanying benefits to our emotional wellbeing and our ability to think clearly.

This workshop is appropriate for all ages. The Feldenkrais movements will be done lying down, sitting and walking, always adapted to individual abilities. Fit people without injuries will learn to be more efficient, while others will learn to enhance their health and overcome their injuries, as Dr Feldenkrais did himself.

$59 per workshop

Ongoing Feldenkrais/SmartMoves online classes through Still and Moving Center 

Mo 4.15 pm

Tues ( Qigong 8.30 am )


Wed 6pm (for those who work or love to end their day with a calming centering practice!)

Thursday 9.30 am

Friday 9.30-10.45 am with Qigong Elements

Saturday 11am


Preview October:

Sat, Oct 24 1:30-4:30pm Feldenkrais: 

Free neck and shoulders, mobile arms and hands.


Feeling tight in your neck, shoulders or back? This upcoming workshop can do you wonders. You learn movements that will undo tension and that without the typical stretching or exercise routine. With Smart Moves/Feldenkrais you experience in just 2 days a big change and what you learn will stay with you…….


Sun, Oct 25  11:30 am-3.00pm Wave Continuum/ Feldenkrais 3,5 hrs

Shoulder-, Chest- and Lung mobility-healthy heart 



Good breathing changes everything, as our oxygen is our primary source of energy, our lifeline, even before water and food. In this workshop you get to know your biggest muscle, the diaphragm, your ‘motor’ in the center of your body so well that you can move it with ease. The diaphragm and the musculature between the ribs will learn to work together so your ribcage frees up, your spine elongates and your lungs glide. ……


 Get and stay flexible in body and mind with

efficient smart effortless movements at any age:

•  Heal old and new injuries faster

•  Rid yourself of back, head & neck pain

•  TMJ, arthritis, ringing in the ears

•  Prevent overuse or wrong use injuries 


•   Posture improvement and a pain free spine

•   Youthful movement quality

•   Health and balance in your body and mind

•   Clarity in movement and thinking 


 • in sports, dance, martial arts, yoga or golf practice by identifying and getting rid of hindering habit    

Excellent for:

• rehabilitation after surgeries and accident

• neurological difficulties from babies to the elderly


Past workshops: 


Wave Continuum 7/17  

Friday 7.30-10.00pm

Heart, Eyes and the Vagus Nerve - new Edition

This theme in the last workshops has been amazing and there is more material! 

We will dive into very subtle sounds and movement and balance and heal our nervous system and self!

Special prize: $29


Online Feldenkrais/SmartMoves series 3 X 

Alignement from head to toes:

Special price for all 3 workshops

1. Feldenkrais/SmartMoves, Sunday 7/19

Sunday 9-12.00 HTS 

Aligning your neck and head - finding center:

Other themes: 

the connection and support of the pelvic floor to the base of the head?

how to create symmetry in jaw and eye movement and why is symmetry advantageous?

how to dissolve tension in neck and the shoulder girdle?



2. Feldenkrais/SmartMovesSunday 8/2 :

9-12.00  HTS

Length of the spine-ease of rotation

Other themes:

Counter rotation of pelvis and upper body creates stability and speed as well as movement for the lungs and heart

Cross crawl and how the brain profits from the crossing of the midline in movement.

Healing of degenerative conditions in the vertebrae.



3. Feldenkrais/SmartMoves, Saturday 8/15

3D- Walking 

12.30-3.30 HTS

Circular Movement of Pelvis, Hip joints and Ankles

Other themes:

balancing of sacrum and creating space and length in lumbar vertebrae

Mobility for the pelvis, Feet and Ankles

The 3-D challenge of walking

Helping knees and 

walking like you are dancing


Corona Special: All 3 workshops $110


Sunday 8/16 WaveContinuum- a compassionate practice 

…..of listening and responding to the deep wisdom that the waters in our cells harbor.

9 -12.30

Heart, Hands and the Viscera - 

Hands are our extension of our heart, they grow out of our heart. They can heal and listen . The viscera, our organs with focus of heart, lungs and large intestines could not be without  water and the movement of water. We will explore through sound and movement their moist and watery existence and and explore their wisdom.. 


cost: $35


Aloha Kakou,

Aloha, When we actually say Aloha or Hawai’i with the correct ha pronunciation, we are not only saying something nice to someone, we actually talk from our heart and we do help our heart as well. That HA sound is the Healing sound of the heart in Mantak Chia’s Universal Tao Qigong. As we can see in Hula the hands do communicate so gracefully from the heart: the hands, healing and heart have all that HA in the word. The heart and Pericard meridian are running through the arms and hands… These days we may need a lot of healing for the heart and we need to take heart and hear the truth in our heart. This got me to think of offering the workshop below. All workshops and classes are online through zoom, which you can download easily for free. Still and Moving Center has a tech person working in the back ground to help you with difficulty. Once you sign up for the class the link will be send to you. 

I continue teaching 5 classes a week Monday 4.15pm, Tuesday 8.30am Qigong, Wednesday 5.15pm, Thursday & Friday 9.30am and Saturday 11am. Just sign in at www.stillandmovingcenter.com. For those of you who are suffering financially through this crisis SMC offers a discount and also a pay it forward option for those that can give. I wish you health and well being,

Eva Alewa


Friday, June 5, 2020

Miraculous Communication between Heart, Brain, Face and Gut: a WaveContinuum Workshop – 


June 5 @ 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

$49 Shoestring Budget Price: $32 

Sign up now! 


During this workshop we’ll explore how the long Vagus Nerve communicates with the face, brain, and heart. When we were in the womb, the head bowed to the heart, connecting through the vagus nerve early on.  With unique sounds, breath, and spiral movement, we will explore this vagus nerve communication axis in the WaveContinuum way. 

In WaveContinuum, we evoke the healing power of water through sound, breath, and spiral movement, delving into the wisdom of “our inner biology.” Here we invite our inner waters to penetrate and saturate all the different layers of ourselves: muscles, connective tissue, organs, and cells. 

We learn to sense movements that come from deep inside and let them flow outwardly. In our body, we carry information from all the different stages of life, from the single cell-protozoa to the upright walking being. Diverse movement possibilities expand and provide new opportunities in our life. 

WaveContinuum can help dissolve pain and limitations. We learn to evoke fluids and spark electrical pulses through the body to heal and multiply healthy cells. Through the gentle, intuitive spiral movements and sounds, we explore beauty, strength, and creativity. We may even reverse aging. We tap into the wisdom that lies inside of the body’s fluid system and create a balance between Water, Fire, and Earth elements.

Life flows in the healing energy of spiral movement, breath, sound, love, and awareness! 

With this practice, the heart opens and strengthens, the mind calms, wisdom flows, and the spirit soars.



Easy Breathing with Tension Relief for Neck & Back: Feldenkrais©/SmartMoves Workshop – 


June 6 @ 3:30 pm - 6:00 pm HST


Learn to breathe well, and you’ll lose that pain in your neck… Wait, what?!?

Surprisingly, learning to move the diaphragm and ribcage can unlock neck tension, scoliosis and immobility in the spine! Proper breathing provides huge benefits, including mental health and disease resistance! Oxygen is our primary source of energy, our lifeline, even before water and food: breathe well and everything changes. 

In this workshop you get acquainted with your biggest muscle, the diaphragm. Once you learn to ‘drive’ this ‘motor’ in the center of your body, you move everything connected to it with greater ease. The diaphragm and the musculature between the ribs learn to work together. The diaphragm pulls equally, releasing unwanted curvatures in the spine. Your ribcage frees up and softens, and your spine elongates. The breath benefit travels up through your thoracic spine into your neck!  Who knew?

While you may take this workshop by itself, you will find that Sunday’s back-rolling workshop will reinforce the mobility and ease of breathing that you gain on Saturday.


Easy Breathing with Back-Rolling to Health:  Feldenkrais©/SmartMoves Workshop – LIVE ONLINE, INTERACTIVE with Eva Geueke

June 7 @ 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Sign up now! 


Rolling is something we did as kids when our spines and ribs were still very flexible. In this workshop you can learn to have such a flexible spine again that rolling becomes pleasurable and informative to the health of your nervous system. Finding easier movement in the spine, you free the ribcage, and with it your breathing.

The ability to roll when you fall can be life saving. To be able to feel the enjoyment of rolling on the floor and giving your connective tissue a nice massage instead of feeling stiff will make your whole being happy.

The genius of the Feldenkrais© Method is to teach movement so that the impossible is possible, the difficult becomes easy, and the easy becomes elegant. Wouldn’t it feel wonderful to bend down easily and to get onto and off of the floor without any difficulty?  

This workshop will be playful and eye opening. It will open the chest, correct round backs and help your breathing. Your neck as well as your lower back may benefit. Your whole spine can achieve health and strength!  

This workshop may be taken by itself, yet Saturday will be a good preparation as it will get the spine ready for rolling.


Eva Alewa Geueke

Eva has been a guild certified Feldenkrais® practitioner for almost 30 years. She came to the Feldenkrais Method® as a young professional dancer and it changed her understanding of brain, body, movement and therefore, herself forever.

I have taken 2 workshops with Eva and she is a wonderful instructor/therapist. These classes are very informative and have helped me tremendously in my knowledge of body mechanics and movement and making healing connections in my body. – Ruth

I loved Eva’s Feldenkrais class! My shoulder felt stiff and sore for almost a month. With just a few simple and gentle movements it was feeling so much better! My spine was stretched out and my feet were more evenly holding my body weight. I plan to take more classes in near future.  Thank you Eva. You are Excellent!!! – Diane

I like the variety of classes offered, and the Center’s focus on the mind-body-spirit connection. I particularly enjoy Eva Geueke’s Feldenkrais classes. The facilities are beautiful, and everyone is so warm and welcoming to students and guests. – John





Online through Still and Moving Center
Heart Strength / Whole Health Feldenkrais Weekend – LIVE ONLINE – Day 1: Heart, Neck, Shoulders & Wrists Connection with Eva Geueke

Saturday, May 16 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm. This workshop will serve to calm and strengthen the heart and nervous system, addressing neck, shoulder, wrist and hand issues along the way. Last workshop we opened up the thoracic spine, which we will continue. Now we will increase our understanding of how the nervous system and the heart are linked. In Chinese medicine, the heart and pericardium’s electromagnetic circuit (meridian) flows through... View Full Details »   Like Heart Strength / Whole Health Feldenkrais Weekend – LIVE ONLINE – Day 1: Heart, Neck, Shoulders & Wrists Connection with Eva Geueke on Facebook

Heart Strength / Whole Health Feldenkrais Weekend – LIVE ONLINE – Day 2: Heart, Vagus Nerve, Face & Gut Connection with Eva Geueke  

Sunday, May 17 10:00 am - 1:00 pm (HST). We continue with freeing the neck, including the face, jaw and tongue. With these SmartMoves exercises we may take years off the face and make our smile more radiant and our mouth more spacious. The tongue has an intimate connection with the jaw but also with the heart... View Full Details » 



THE FELDENKRAIS METHOD® created by Dr Moshé Feldenkrais (1904–1984) aims to reduce pain or limitations in movement and to improve  function in all areas of one's life.  By increasing students' awareness of themselves and expanding movement repertoire and quality through smart safe and gentle movement choices, general well being is increased.  The method can be adapted work for all ages from babies to the elderly, from people with acute pain to athletes, musicians and dancers who just want to perform better and prevent injuries.


THE FELDENKRAIS METHOD® looks at limiting habits that are causing pain, inflammation, over-exertion, poor performance and injury.  Physical difficulties or limitations are seen, from the Feldenkrais perspective, as the result of either incomplete learning or trauma that can lead to dysfunctional habit patterns. 

With the Feldenkrais Method® we learn to recognize those hindering habits and find better ways of moving that are healthy, efficient, pain free and enjoyable. One of the underlying understandings of this method is that thinking is movement as well.  As thinking, emotions and feelings are woven together and will always express in movement, an authentic change in movement patterns will ripple out into the rest of ones' life. 


The founder, Dr Moshe Feldenkrais D.Sc., utilized his background in physics, mechanical engineering and judo to develop a system with an unusual melding of biomechanics, motor development, psychology and martial arts.

THE FELDENKRAIS METHOD® has achieved international recognition for its demonstrated ability to improve posture, flexibility, coordination, self-image and to alleviate muscular tension and pain. it is also highly successful with brain damage issues from CP to MS to Strokes. It consists of two compelling and versatile applications: Awareness Through Movement®, done in groups and Functional Integration®, an individualised hands-on practice.

Smart Moves® for children

Functional Integration FI® one on one

Awareness through Movement classes - ATM®

Trainings and workshops

  • Weekly ATM® Online classes

at Still and Moving Center, Honolulu, HI, 1024, Queen Street, www.stillandmovingcenter.com

  • Monday              4.15pm
  • Wednesday       5.15-6.15pm    
  • Thursday            9.30am     
  • Friday                  9.30am
  • Saturday            11.00 am


Eva Geueke works with all ages and abilities. 

Feldenkrais for Children and Babies:

Early intervention can save a life-time of difficulties for the child, and wear and tear on the whole family system. It is never too late to change the course of a child’s inadequate development, whether physical or emotional. The earlier the intervention, the better the outcome, but the brain remains remarkably adaptable throughout childhood. If you are concerned about even subtle difficulties your child is experiencing we may be able to offer a surprisingly simple solution.


I am trying a new class and will be teaching a 30 min SmartMoves/Dance lunch break class on Wednesdays at 12.15 to 12.45.  This is a fun smart Movement brake  just to shake it up, roll through the spine move our legs and let it go loose for 10 min at the end of class. If you are interested please email me.

@EVA@EWAHINE.COM if you are interested, this is not!!! through SMC. Starting next week 5/20 dance and 5/13 Feldenkrais. This is donation based, $10 recommended. You can pay me via venmo or Paypal, but Email me first, so you get the link! First 30 min class is free, after it is $7.



past workshops:


WaveContinuum Dive with Eva Alewa Geueke

January 31 @ 7:15 pm - 9:30 pm


The Profound Healing Power of Subtle Movement and Rolling: 

a Feldenkrais®/SmartMoves Weekend Workshop