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ATM class at Still and Moving Center Honolulu

Age with grace and live a life of confidence and opportunity !


🇺🇸 The Feldenkrais Method® and SmartMoves

 “My purpose is to allow people to move closer to actually being creatures of free choice, to genuinely reflect individual creativity and emotion, freeing the body of habitual tensions and wired-patterns of behaviour so that it may respond without inhibition to do what the person wants.” Dr.M. Feldenkrais

Weekly Online classes 

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Get flexible and resilient in body and mind with efficient smart effortless movements at and for any age.

Feldenkrais/SmartMoves gives you the key to-

  • Heal old and new injuries faster
  • Rid yourself of back, head & neck pain and TMJ,
  • arthritis, ringing in the ear
  • Prevent overuse or wrong use injuries

Feldenkrais/SmartMoves keeps your brain and thinking flexible

You learn to

  • problem solve and how to enjoy your body, movement and life
  • to breath well and age slower

 Excel in life - become the genius you are meant to be

 Improve all functions including 

  • Breathing, standing, sitting, walking, singing, relating,
  • all sports, dance, martial arts, yoga, golf practice, playing an instrument, acting and much more

Improve neurological difficulties from babies to the elderly.


  • Arthritis, Back issues, herniated disc, frozen shoulder, pelvic pain 
  • hip, knee, ankle and foot issues
  • rehabilitate after surgery, stroke and accident


Movement is Life. Life is a process. Improve the quality of the process and you improve the quality of life itself!

Weekly Online classes: 

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Mondays and Tuesdays 

RSS - Release, Stretch & Strengthen

 - a smart way to stretch, align, and strengthen core and fascia.

This training is informed by Eva Alewa’s 40 years of movement studies and experience: Contemporary Dance, Release Technique, Feldenkrais, Body-Mind Centering, WaveContinuum, Qigong, and Yoga. Dancers have specific training that strengthens their core and legs and gives them much flexibility. Release Technique is one of those pieces of training. This class, adapted for people of all walks of life and age, will strengthen the core and legs, open the joints, unwind, and lengthen the connective tissues. Also when we get older, it is advisable to engage in muscle-building exercises to keep our muscle tone. The challenge is not to dry our already drying tissues more thus stay away from linear and very strenuous exercise.  Instead, with RSS we turn to spiral movement to strengthen & lengthen but not dry. this is also much more enjoyable than your regualr exercise class!


 About Learning

by Eva Alewa Geueke


Learning is fantastic, and our brain is ready-made to learn. 

Learning is what I keep enjoying about SmartMoves/Feldenkrais. 

After a typical Feldenkrais lesson, I do not just feel good, balanced, and newly organized in body and mind. Still, I also have the satisfaction that I genuinely learned something valuable.

Awareness through Movement/ Feldenkrais and SmartMoves is about learning and expanding your infinite possibilities through conscious movement. Dr. Feldenkrais said, ‘everyone has the potential to be a genius, which is our human birthright, but few people are taking the time to develop their genius. To do that, we have to look at or better sense our limitations without judgment and then find a way to overcome them, by exploring new possiblities. For the brain/Nervous System it is like mapping out a new path and making a road out of it. 

One response to limitation is to pretend it is not there like when people have a  shoulder that hurts or gets stuck for a moment in movement. Instead of paying attention, slowing down, and looking at what inhibits the shoulder, they quickly pass that point and try to ignore it. This lack of awareness can continue for years, and suddenly there is so much pain that one cannot ignore it anymore. The shoulder becomes frozen or has painful arthritis. The body seems to be brighter than the one driving it. Self-preservation kicks in and tries to stop the abuse through inflammation. However, in that place where the shoulder seemingly gets stuck lies a chance for reform and ingenuity to emerge. 


Dr. Feldenkrais was a genius himself. He was very curious and learned early to take his destiny into his hands. He left Ukraine by himself at 12 years old and worked in Palestine before he became a physicist and electrical engineer in Paris, graduating from the prestigious university Sorbonne in Paris. He became the first Black Belt Judoka in France under Kano Jigoro.

One of the turning points for Dr. Feldenkrais was that his knee injury from his youth became so bad, he could not walk anymore without crutches. So he decided to take his fate into his own hands as doctors gave him little hope. He had to find a way on his own to restore his functioning.  By learning to increase his awareness of himself he discovered how to get the brain to lay new neural connections and restore the brain’s image of his knee functioning, and his self-image to a pain-free, efficient movement in the body and life. While learning and improving his condition, he created his new work that helped many thousands of people around the globe to improve their lives in his lifetime alone.


The Feldenkrais work certainly enhanced my life. It helped me to heal many injuries from my professional dancer’s career and martial arts. The Method helped me not just to become a better dancer  with more self-reliance, self-trust, self love, compassion and much more but also how to age gracefully and healthily.


Aloha, Eva Alewa Kauikalani Geueke


THE FELDENKRAIS METHOD® created by Dr. Moshé Feldenkrais (1904–1984) aims to reduce pain or limitations in movement and to improve function in all areas of one's life.  By increasing student's self-awareness, smart movement choices can be found, leading to more movement repertoire, quality, and healing. The method can be adapted for all ages, from babies to the elderly, from people with acute pain to athletes, musicians, and dancers who want to perform better and prevent injuries.


THE FELDENKRAIS METHOD® looks at limiting habits that are causing pain, inflammation, over-exertion, poor performance, and injury.  Physical difficulties or limitations are seen, from the Feldenkrais perspective, as the result of either incomplete learning or trauma that can lead to dysfunctional habit patterns. 
With the Feldenkrais Method®, we learn to recognize those hindering habits and find better ways of moving that are healthy, efficient, pain-free, and enjoyable. One of the underlying understandings of this method is that thinking is also movement.  As thinking, emotions, and feelings are woven together and expressed through action, an authentic change in movement patterns will ripple into the rest of one's life. 


The founder, Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, D.Sc., utilized his background in physics, mechanical engineering, and judo to develop a system with an unusual melding of biomechanics, motor development, psychology, and martial arts.
THE FELDENKRAIS METHOD® has achieved international recognition for its demonstrated ability to improve posture, flexibility, coordination, and self-image and to alleviate muscular tension and pain. It is also highly successful with brain damage issues from CP to MS to Strokes. It consists of two compelling and versatile applications: Awareness Through Movement®, done in groups, and Functional Integration®, an individualized hands-on practice.

Eva Alewa Geueke working with a child

Eva Geueke works with all ages and abilities. 

Feldenkrais for Children and Babies:

Early intervention can save a life-time of difficulties for the child, and wear and tear on the whole family system. It is never too late to change the course of a child’s inadequate development, whether physical or emotional. The earlier the intervention, the better the outcome, but the brain remains remarkably adaptable throughout childhood. If you are concerned about even subtle difficulties your child is experiencing we may be able to offer a surprisingly simple solution.


examples of workshops


– LIVE ONLINE, Interactive w/Eva Alewa Geueke & SmartMoves


3,5 Hours

with Eva Alewa Geueke

Love heals

In the month of love, Eva Geueke emphasizes how to move in such a loving way that movement becomes medicine and can heal mend and open up. Moving slowly with care and without force, you learn to develop a nonviolent relationship with your nervous system, bones, muscles, and ligaments as if you say to yourself while you move ‘I love you!’ These workshops are also a great Valentine’s gift!

Loving your hips    1st day Hybrid

The pelvic area with the hip joints is our powerhouse of locomotion and our grounding and joy. 

Learn how to lovingly take care of your pelvis, hip joints and knees to live more fully and act powerfully and on top prevent damage, reduce or reverse the damage already done. In fact, Dr. Feldenkrais created this method because he had a very injured and arthritic knee. He was not only able to get back to walking and Judo without surgery but created a worldwide renowned method. One of the titles of his books is ‘The Potent self’

These Feldenkrais® lessons will help you improve mobility. They will organize ligaments and muscles around the joints and distribute their workload correctly to have you walking or dancing with ease. To facilitate walking and running the pelvis has to be mobile and strong. The strongest muscles are attached to the pelvis. In this workshop, you learn how to use that power in a coordinated efficient movement and how to use your pelvic floor to be upright and relax your neck.

The pelvic floor is involved in many basic life functions as varied as digestion, elimination, reproduction, breathing, lovemaking. Improvement starts with awareness. The movement of the pelvic floor is subtle, and yet it is possible for all of us to feel its effect. If you want to improve the function of the pelvic floor, you have to learn how to contract and relax all of it, in a balanced and more equal manner. This is what makes your pelvic floor healthier and stronger, using all parts coordinated with your whole body.


Loving your feet     

Let’s love our feet! If you want to feel good then make your feet feel good! Happy feet give you pleasure.  What does love have to do with this? If you love something you give it special attention. The other way around is, if you give it special attention through loving movement and touch, it is like saying ‘I love you”.

In this workshop, you will learn easily repeatable movements that make your feet mobile and strong while working on good posture at the same time. Having painful or deformed feet and toes from wrong weight distribution and negligence can be literally a drag. Regaining flexible, spacious toes, feet and ankles are of vital importance for balance and posture. We can change our posture from the neck down or from the feet up.




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