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This class starts with Qigong sitting on a chair. We first wake up our electromagnetic currents and balance our organs, Lymph system, and energy centers. We incorporate movement that stretches and opens joints, Jin Shin Jyutsu energy locks, Healing Sounds, and self-massage. While seated, we may transition into a Feldenkrais lesson®, which eventually continues and ends on the floor, or transition straight from Qigong to laying down for Feldenkrais.   75 minutes class


 Class schedule  


5-6:15 pm 

Feldenkrais into RSS. Please sign up in advance!




10 – 11 am 






8:15 -9:15 am 

Feldenkrais (bilingual German group- class has a different link) 











9:45 - 11:00 am 

SmartMoves - Qigong/Feldenkrais





10:15 - 11:15 am 




Dance with me (25min). There is no fee with the Feldenkrais class; otherwise, it is $5    



  9:30 -10:15 

Please sign up in advance!

 (The Saturday or Sunday classes will occasionally be canceled if Eva teaches a workshop)
Class passes and details for pricing are below:

Feldenkrais/Smartmoves: 5, 10, 15 or 25 class passes

The most cost-effective choice is the 25-class pass for only $275 followed 

by the 15-class pass.The 25+ class pass offers one bonus class and is good for 4 months.


The 15-class pass for $195 plus plus 4,2% tax has also one bonus class: good for 3 month  

Please let me know, which is your bonus class


The 10-class pass for seniors costs $125 plus 4,2% tax

The 10-class Pass regular costs $150 plus 4,2% tax.

You can pay via PayPal under or direct bank transfer with Zelle: please add 4.2% of tax, or with Stripe on the website, where the taxes will be automatically calculated and charged.


As of now, the link will be the same for all classes, once your payment is received, the zoom link will be sent to you.


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