Aloha Kakou, Greetings to all of you!

With great pleasure, I am presenting you with my new online Movement Studio. 

I am thrilled to add some other movement modality classes to my Feldenkrais and Qigong classes


Eva Alewa Kauikalani Geueke

All classes are online interactive, and in Hawaiian time (HST)

please contact me to ask questions, verify class time and day and receive the link.


class schedule:

Sunday ( all class time are HST/ 6 hrs west from EST)

10 - 11 am Feldenkrais 


9 - 10 am Qigong, 

10:15 - 11am Feldenkrais

11:05 - 11.45 RSS class


7:30-8:10a Qigong am (bilingual)

8:15 -9:15 am Feldenkrais  (bilingual German group-both classes have a different link) 


10 -11 am Feldenkrais   


9:30-10:45 Feldenkrais/Smart Moves-Feldenkrais Method woven with Qigong (and sometimes WaveContinuum), longer class! (At least 45 min movements sitting on chair)

Saturday (45 min classes)

11:15 am - 12:00 pm Feldenkrais

12:05 pm - 12:50 pm RSS

(The Sat. classes will occasionally be canceled if Eva teaches a workshop)

Class descriptions

*Feldenkrais®/ATM® - Awareness through Movement 

Feldenkrais empowers the student/client to re-acquaint with themselves and their unique abilities, finding their optimal way from within through Awareness. In looking for one’s own way of moving during Feldenkrais ATM (Awareness through Movement -group classes) or FI (Functional Integration-Hands on), one engages the entire physiology and nervous system, creating new patterns of thought and action throughout the system. Since every pattern and every movement creates unique patterns and combinations in the brain and body, each person constantly expands neural connections, which are subsequently applied to all aspects of life: the ability to heal, learn, communicate, handle stress, enjoy activities, and so on.

 Liberate Breath & Spiral Movement: specific Breath & sound open and release places in our body that we cannot reach otherwise. We can unwind and hydrate fascia and muscles by adding spiral movements with the sounding. Aging is a process that has to do with drying out. Too much repetitive and linear movement will dry us. WaveContinuum is magic in hydrating your tissue and bones and preventing stiffness and aging.
Workshops, look out for the announcement


is an ancient movement art from China developed by the Taoists (a philosophy developed out of meditation and observing the laws of nature, such as Ying and Yang) used for balance, strength, and health. Eva’s lineage is from Mantak Chia’s Universal Tao, but she has incorporated other lineages as well as the Japanese Jin Shin Jyiutsu. One of the aims of Qigong is to harness energy for a long healthy, productive life and to develop all of our human capacities and positive virtues possible.


*Release & Strengthen:

This class is a smart way to stretch, align, and strengthen the core and fascia. This training is informed by Eva Alewa’s 40 years of movement studies and experience: Contemporary Dance, Release Technique, Feldenkrais, Body-Mind Centering, WaveContinuum, Qigong, and Yoga. Dancers have specific training that strengthens their core and legs and gives them a lot of flexibility. Release Technique is one of those pieces of training. This class, adapted for people from all walks of life and age, will strengthen the core and legs, open the joints, unwind, and lengthen the connective tissues. Especially when we get older, it is advisable to engage in muscle-building movements. But do not dry our system, we must stay away from very linear and too strenuous exercise.....


*Dare to Dance

is an invitation to find your joy through movement and dance. Maybe you have always wanted to dance or even work with improvisation, or perhaps you would like to kickstart your creativity. We will do a short warm-up, opening joints and waking up muscle and connective tissue. Then we work with structured movement improvisation to lead into a free open dance space with music that ends in a loving self-care warm down... This is your opportunity to break free and dance. Please try this class for free. Workshops 


This class starts with Qigong sitting on a chair. We first wake up our electromagnetic currents and balance our organs, Lymph system, and energy centers. We incorporate movement that stretches and opens joints, Jin Shin Jyutsu energy locks, Healing Sounds, and self-massage. While seated, we may transition into a Feldenkrais lesson®, which eventually continues and ends on the floor, or transition straight from Qigong to laying down for Feldenkrais.   75 minutes class


*Feldenkrais Maintenance- in the works recorded classes

This class is great if you are a little in a time crunch. It can reset and get you out of tension. It will remind your nervous system to settle and realign your spine and mind. Nice to do after one of the longer stretch classes as well or in combination

Class passes and details for pricing are below:

Feldenkrais/Smartmoves: 5, 10, 15 or 25 class passes

The most cost effective choice is the 25 class pass for only $265 followed by the $15 pass.

*The 25+ class pass has two 45min bonus classes and is good for 4 months.


*The 10+ class pass for $150 has One 45min bonus classes for free:  You need to let me know which is your bonus classes


 You can also pay per PayPal under or direct bank transfer with Zelle, please add 4.2% of tax


As of now, the link will be the same for all classes, once your payment is received, the zoom link will be sent to you.

New classes can be tried one time for free:


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Workshop Ha-Breath with Ease 1-3


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