September online schedule  SmartMoves/Feldenkrais with Eva Alewa Geueke




Free Jaw and mobile powerful Pelvis

Sunday Sept, Sept, 26 11:45-2:30 pm (HST)   $38 both workshops $59

3-D functional pelvis- the pelvis has 2 sides consistent of many bones. There is a beautiful and complex relationship between the hip joints, sacrum, pubic bone(s) and the femur- between the psoas, stomach and back muscles as well as the glutes. The jaw and mouth have a connection with the pelvis. You will find out how softening the jaw relaxes the pelvis and what you sacrum has to do with your TMJ.


Healthy Eyes, Atlas (Neck) and pelvic floor 

Sunday Oct, 03   11:45-2:30 pm (HST) $38 both workshops $59

The eyes that are set very close to our brain and have a direct and observable connection to the brain and Vagus Nerve also guide our spine, especially the Atlas. Deep work with our eyes is as transformable as deep work with our pelvic floor, that energetically and functionally is the key to a relaxed neck and free head.




2Finding balance! 

a WaveContinuum Workshop/celebration for Equinox – 

International session (German and English ) 

Deep Breath, spiral movement and healing sounds

Saturday 25  7:30-10:30am (HST) 3hrs 


   This is a different kind of Equinox celebration.

In WaveContinuum, we evoke the healing power of water through sound, breath, and spiral movement, delving into the wisdom of “our inner biology.” 


Here we invite our inner waters to penetrate and saturate all the different layers of ourselves: muscles, connective tissue, organs, and cells. 
In this workshop, we will look at the long Vagus Nerve and how it communicates with the face, brain, and heart. 
When we were in the womb, the head was bowing to the heart early on. 
With unique sounds, breath, and spiral movement, we will explore this communication axis in the WaveContinuum way. 
We learn to sense movements that come from deep inside and let them flow outwardly. In our body, we carry the information from all the different stages of life itself from the single cell-protozoa to the upright walking being. Movement diversity and possibilities are expanding and are giving new opportunities in our life. 
Besides richness in experience and expression, WaveContinuum can help dissolve pain and limitation. 
In WaveContinuum, you learn to evoke the fluids and spark electricity in the body to heal and multiply healthy cells. Movement can reverse aging.
Through the gentle, intuitive spiral movements and sounds, you explore your beauty, strength, and creativity. 
You learn to tap into the wisdom that lies inside of the body’s fluid system and create a balance between the Water, Fire, and Earth elements.
Life flows in the healing energy of spiral movement, breath, sound, love, and awareness! 
With this practice, the heart opens and strengthens, the mind calms, wisdom flows, and the spirit soars.

Balance is achieved!



September offerings





Elegantly walking for health     

10 -11.30 

6/12 Functional feet, ankles and hip joints   $15

Feet are fabulous and if they are happy all the many joints have space to move. They are working harmoniously with the knees and hip joints.  We learn in this class to clarify the relationship so we keep the joints strong and resilient.



6/26 Functional neck and carriage of the head $15

if the head is aligned well, our sense organs can function better and lead our spine and decisions in the best way possible.


9:30-11:30am (2 hrs) $25

7/10 3-D functional pelvis- the pelvis has 2 sides consistent of many bones. There are beautiful relationships to be explored between the hip joints, sacrum, pubic bone and the femur, between the psoas, stomach and back muscles as well as the glutes. Let's add the pelvic floor to our exploration and have the pelvic be the powerhouse that gives us grounding, health, life, potency and pleasure.


9:30-11.45  (2,25 hrs) $27

7/17 A healthy functional  walk is an elegant walk

Here we explore how walking consists of an intriguing spiral pattern and a lot of circular action within it.

As humans we carry our center of gravity much higher than any animal. That gives us a lot of advantages, when we know how to use and stabilize it dynamically.   


Cost of all sessions $65 (instead of 82)Learn to walk with ease, realign your posture and increase your overall health. Good posture comes not from muscular effort but from the optimal use of the skeleton. Good posture makes you look and feel healthy, poised and potent. The Maasai tribe in Africa is known for its elegant, long, erect posture. They can walk for many miles without tiring, keeping their ease and bounce. The beauty of their posture is its ease, without taking their shoulders back or tucking their tummies in. Their uprightness comes from a clear inner skeletal alignment where muscles are free to move without holding unnecessary tension. We will learn this practice with the Feldenkrais®/Smart Moves techniques.

Posture often is misunderstood and is artificially forced and unbalanced. People do the best they know how,  but have often a wrong notion. The resulting poor posture can adversely affect eyesight, thinking, mood, bones, joints and ligaments and the optimal functioning of organs. A healthy, functioning spine promotes whole body wellness, with accompanying benefits to our emotional wellbeing and our ability to think clearly.

This workshop is appropriate for all ages. The Feldenkrais movements will be done lying down, sitting and walking, always adapted to individual abilities. Fit people without injuries will learn to be more efficient, while others will learn to enhance their health and overcome their injuries, as Dr Feldenkrais did himself.